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The Future of Cannabinoid Healthcare

Fen Group is a specialist healthcare manufacturer focused on developing ‘over the counter’ cannabinoid wellness products.
From our 7,000 sq/f manufacturing facility in Halifax, UK, we produce a range of proprietary brands and technologies.
The company has full service creative, digital marketing, analytics and e-commerce expertise, which is supported by a board with extensive knowledge of developing, marketing and distributing consumer products.
Incubating, manufacturing and marketing a portfolio of owned wellness & OTC brands. Each brand will have a specific value proposition, serve a narrow demographic, with a strong digital infrastructure.
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Unmatched Product Development & Supply Chain Expertise


Fen Labs is the white-label, contract manufacturing arm of Fen Group, and serves as a centre of innovation for the whole business. We have put great effort into making sure our facility in Halifax, West Yorkshire, is best of breed, and will serve as a

platform for future growth. 

“At Fen Group we carry a set of core values; Innovation in our products; quality and excellence; and being open to ideas, change, people’s needs and scrutiny. We aim to lead the CBD industry by being a young company with a mature approach to Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance responsibilities”.

Tom Fennell, CEO

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