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Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

Our 3 Core Pillars


Measurable company diversity improvement goals with full onboarding for new team, members.

Along with continued education and development opportunities.

Investment in continued education and development opportunities along employee health & wellness

scheme and benefits programme.

Clear organisational structure and reporting with regular stakeholder engagement.

Public disclosure of board membership, performance and policies.

Community investments and partnerships.



Ongoing review of social and environmental performance to include reporting information and structure based on a comprehensive third party standard and performance to target disclosed to the public.

Evaluation of all significant suppliers for social and environmental impact, and routine supplier audit and review,

along with preferred local suppliers agreed.

Co-operative initiative on relevant social and environmental standards for our industry.

Continued assessment of the environmental impact of our organisation's business activities.



Formal programme incorporating customer testing and feedback into product design.

Regular review of product materials, design, reuse and/or recyclability.

“At Fen Group we carry a set of core values; Innovation in our products; quality and excellence; and being open to ideas, change, people’s needs and scrutiny. We aim to lead the CBD industry by being a young company with a mature approach to Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance responsibilities”.

Tom Fennell, CEO

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